Friday, March 12, 2010


The eternal conflict between meat eaters and vegetarians regarding the advantages and disadvantages of meat as a human food has spawned many studies to establish the safety of meat consumption. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), a non-partisan organization devoted to studies on human cancer with special reference to preventive measures, recently published a report alluding to the linkage between meat consumption and cancer, advocating limited intake of meat in the diet. Naturally there is bound to be hostile response to such claims, especially from meat lobbies which question the veracity of any such reports and soundness of the scientific conclusions. .

The industry had reacted to the news that two leading scientists had suggested the WCRF report had been found to be 'significantly flawed'. The industry said a review of the original research by one of the scientists review, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found 'no conclusive evidence of a causal relationship' between eating meat and colorectal cancer.

While WCRF is standing by its conclusions in spite of the fierce opposition from meat industry, there is a general agreement that reducing meat consumption is good for health. According to WCRF a weekly intake of 500 gm might not be a cause of worry till further studies dwelve deep into this issue.


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