Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Canada is the latest to join the elite club of countries for providing access to a consumer-friendly, inter-active web site for on-line information on many aspects of food and its safety. Computer literate consumers can enlighten them selves regarding the food safety violations, food recalls, dangers and risks with foods, safe food handling, food labels and food borne illnesses and in a country where every one owns a computer, such facilities can have high impact on consumer awareness about market foods, health and nutrition aspects and government policies and food regulations.

"The Government of Canada launched a new website that provides Canadians with one-stop, easy access to food safety information. It gives Canadians valuable tips and tools to help them reduce the risk of food borne illness and acts as a gateway to important information during food borne illness emergencies".

It is time such initiatives are taken by other countries also that will serve at least those consumers having access to Internet services. With Cyber cafe out-lets dotting the major towns and cities in the country, India can also go for such a system managed by the FSSAI, if it has the time, inclination, commitment and vision to safeguard the interests of consumers,


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