Saturday, March 27, 2010


Contrast the facilities which have become an integral part of the kitchen to day with what the older generation had to content with and sure, modern house wives should not be complaining! Modern kitchen is fully equipped with gadgets like mixies/blenders/grinders, microwave ovens, pop-up toasters, sandwich toasters, auto-ignition gas stoves, baking ovens, auto-fryers, pressure cookers, milk cookers, auto-coffee makers, vegetable slicers/shredders, fruit juice makers, refrigerators and freezers and many others with varying functions. What it took several hours for grandmas to make a preparation, can be made under an hour to day thanks to these kitchen aids. Constant endeavor by the appliance industry to upgrade and innovate in kitchen functions is bringing out better, more versatile and multi-function kitchen aids, some of which were on display in a recently held international exhibition in USA.

"On display at the annual exhibition that ended on Tuesday was an appliance that, with a touch, perfectly browns toast and, at the same time, poaches an egg. The 60,000 people at the show could also consider the advantages of a bread maker that allows a not-so-ambitious baker to press a button and bake a cake. Fancy toaster ovens with convection heat have a one-touch "smart cookie" option so that store-bought dough can go from refrigerator to plate without a thought. Microwaves have graduated to buttons for pizzas, breakfast sausage and omelets".

Of course some of these new innovations will percolate down to India also soon either through imports or indigenous manufacture with foreign collaboration. It is a pity that pace of innovation in kitchen aids is relatively slow in India as no domestic player has the necessary R & D capability to usher in such changes. Energy efficient refrigerators with unique functions and versatility and induction electric stoves are examples of new innovations reaching India to cater to the aspiring needs of Indian kitchens.


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