Thursday, March 11, 2010


Accidental contamination of food products can happen in very best of the processing facilities and such incidences must make the processor more careful in avoiding them in future. While small scale food processors can be negligent and some times ignorant of contamination, larger players with mechanized operations and experienced production staff can have very little excuse for clearing contaminated products for the market. Mishap accountability and product liability provisions in many countries make the processors doubly vigilant to avoid contaminated products in the market. But the old saying that "human is to err" became a reality for a food processor in the UK.

"Brett Stephens was given the Chicken Legend sandwich by his mother who had earlier purchased the £3 snack from the fast food chain's Kidderminster branch. The 18-year-old had was shocked to discover the sharp object embedded in the meat part of the burger. His furious mother Janet, said: 'It was beyond belief. He bit into the burger and just shouted. 'I looked at it and started to pull it out and it kept coming – it was right through the piece of chicken".

It is criminal for any processor to be so negligent as to "include" a 5" metallic object in the "recipe" and then does not notice its presence in the final product before delivering to the customer. If the investigators can dig deep into this mysterious and strange episode some thing useful may emerge for others to learn a lesson.


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