Saturday, March 27, 2010


The current President of USA has been picking on India for too long accusing, though subtly, for "stealing" American jobs through out sourcing business. But this myth has been demolished by the the respectable international agency Price Waterhouse through facts and figures. Though the forum where this reality came to light was organized for evolving bilateral "cooperation" for developing industry in India, what can be achieved from a collaborator keeping such a myopic view, can very well be imagined!

"This was clear to my interlocutors that the issue should be addressed. India is not just an exporter of services but it is also a net importer. There is more or less a balance, but if there is a tilt, the tilt is in favour of the US," he said. The Indian companies, according to a recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers and International Business Forum, have created $106-billion income within the US in the past three years ending 2009, and created 300,000 jobs out of which 250,000 were taken up by the Americans. "It's a myth that jobs are being taken away by the Indians," Sharma said. "I have been urging the US CEOs that since they are aware of these facts they should sit with the members of Congress and give them the true picture, and when they are informed, they would withdraw amendments (read restrictions on travel by Indians)," he said".
Indian industry is woefully short of indigenous technologies and machinery for increasing their manufacturing potential and a viable cooperation regime must be put in place to augment the strength of Indian industry in general and the food processing sector in particular. It is known that importing US machinery to India is often very expensive because the material as well as the labor cost involved in fabrication is too high in the US. It makes sense if the machine building industry in the US shifts some of their manufacturing facilities to India for making India a hub for global supply at cheaper cost. Collaboration in R & D pertaining to materials, design and fabrication between Universities in India and the US also will be of relevance.

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