Thursday, March 11, 2010


Diet-caused illnesses are claiming increasing toll in the form of mortality in Mexico where more than 200,000 people are dying every year because of wrong diets and sedentary life styles. A conservative estimate puts 70% of Mexicans on the over weight category and 1 out of 3 children and youngsters as obese. The causative reason, according to experts, is the large scale shift in eating habits during the last 3 generations away from the traditional practices of consuming Tortillas, fruits and vegetables and other balanced foods by the older generations. Is Mexico going to emulate and outpace its neighbor the US in its race towards disaster through obesity and morbidity?

"Though still afflicted by large pockets of the malnourished poor, Mexico is fat and quickly getting fatter, its children gaining weight faster than anyone else in the country. About 70 percent of Mexican adults are now overweight, according to government estimates, more than triple the number of three decades ago. Also, about a third of the country's schoolchildren and teenagers are overweight, making Mexicans the second-heaviest people on the planet, gaining quickly on their American neighbors".

According to knowledgeable sources, Mexico cannot reverse this trend unless the food industry there is restrained and the reckless promotional blitz targeting younger generation is moderated through government intervention. Interestingly the Taco Bell chain restaurants in the US and other countries are promoting Mexican traditional foods in a big way but how much damage has been done to these nutritious foods in the name of "modernization and commercialization"" in the hands of the promoters of these restaurants is a matter of concern.

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