Monday, March 8, 2010


The sagging business of International Airlines is sought to be bolstered by many innovative changes introduced to retain the existing clientele or to attract more passengers. Economic melt down saw a sharp decline in air travel and many aviation companies started cutting on some of the frills to keep their business viable making air travel a boring experience. But some of them with innovative ideas introduced new features to make travel a pleasant experience. Here is an example from Air New Zealand.

"Finally, Air New Zealand said it has upgraded its Business Premier cabin "with complete on-demand food and beverage service more akin to premium dining and an enhanced sleep experience to ensure travelers really do feel they've snuggled into their own bed." "Being able to order a steak, medium rare in Business Premier, a pizza for two in Premium Economy or a late night snack in Economy, whenever you want, will be a very cool experience," Fyfe said. "New oven technology that will cook food from scratch rather than simply reheating and a new digital in-seat ordering service will make this truly the first time real food has been served at 35,000 feet."

It is exciting to see food being given priority in improving the image of the Airlines and any international traveler should be excited to have an experience in such a carrier. Logistically, the concept of a restaurant making all foods freshly cooked, will be a nightmarish experience and if Air New Zealand can translate its plans into a workable proposition, its business is bound to pick up sooner or later.


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