Thursday, March 11, 2010


How about mandatory labeling of "Hot Dog' preparations to caution the consumers that eating them can pose choking hazard! The toy industry prints such warning on many of its products targeted at kids to preempt product liability in case of accidental choking. If some pediatric experts are to be believed the very shape and size of Hot Dogs available to day can choke a child to death, if not careful and they are clamoring for redesigning the ubiquitous hot dogs to prevent such a catastrophe.

"A policy statement released Monday from the American Academy of Pediatrics calls for the redesign of "high-risk" foods, such as hot dogs, because they are choking hazards for young children. "The hot dog is just perfectly designed to act like a plug," said Deepak Mehta, director of the pediatric aerodigestive center at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. "The size, the shape, everything is just perfect to plug the breathing passage. It is just the perfect recipe for causing problems, even if the parent is careful."

If such considerations weigh during product design stage, food industry will be left with no choice but to focus only on liquid foods that may have little chance of choking while consuming!
It is similar to asking for ban on sale of knives which can cause injury to kids! Why not exercise parental precaution to keep Hot Dogs away from kids or why cannot the Hot Dogs be cut into smaller portions for feeding children if parents really want their kids to "enjoy" the pleasure of eating the product? Industry on its part can think of developing 'mini" Hot Dogs or "Hot Puppies" (if it has to be associated with dog) exclusively for children.

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