Thursday, March 25, 2010


That food industry can see the writing on the wall is amply demonstrated by the recent announcement by the beverage industry to adequately change their labeling practice to "highlight" the calorie content of their products prominently to catch the attention of the consumers and allow them to make a choice whether to buy or not. A welcome step indeed.

"The soft drink industry said Tuesday that it will start listing the calories in its products on the front of bottles and also on vending machines controlled by the companies. The new labels probably won't appear until early 2012 after the industry works out the details with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The industry's move came on the same day that the White House launched a campaign to end the nation's childhood obesity problem within a generation".

Though such a step may be disadvantageous to the industry from business angle, its move on calorie labeling is to be appreciated keeping in view the interests of the citizens. One can only hope that increased sensitivity to calories amongst the soft drink guzzling youngsters, through such bold initiatives, may moderate their consumption giving a chance for a better to morrow in a society, already burdened with too many citizens severely over weight and obese with attendant consequences.

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