Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Future dieters may not have to consult nutrition experts because each individual's genetic profile only can suggest the type of foods that can be suitable for that individual. Probably a new breed of "super specialty" food consultants and genetic "clinics" may emerge to advise the consumers. It may be difficult to understand the logic involved in such views but those specialized in the new avatar of "well being" foods, Nutrigenomics, feel convinced that the above transformation is possible in the near future.

"Nutrigenomics is a growing field of research that combines molecular biology, genetics and nutrition to regulate gene expression through specific nutrients. Nutrients have been shown to affect gene expression through transcription factors, which are biochemical entities that bind to DNA and either promote or inhibit transcription of genes. By understanding the roles of specific nutrients and how they might cause diseases, scientists could recommend specific foods for an individual based on his or her genetics".

Whether this is the beginning of another business-centric initiative like nutraceuticals, nutrifoods, Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet etc remains to be seen. As long as such moves benefit even a few people, consumer must give adequate consideration to newer possibilities based on reliable and practical science.


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