Monday, March 15, 2010


Ensuring human rights every where in the world is supposed to be non-discriminatory irrespective of religion, caste, color or creed. But in England some segments of the society seem to believe that only "white people" have such rights. This is probably due to the mindset of British people who do not seem to be able to overcome their colonial past in spite of its dramatic decline after World War II. Human rights violation is rampant in the UK is borne out by a recent report on the practices prevalent in the meat industry there.

"Some of the worst abuses were committed against pregnant women who were also forced to continue to undertake work that posed risks to their health, including heavy lifting and extended periods of standing. The inquiry uncovered frequent breaches of the law and licensing standards in meat processing factories - some of which supply the UK's biggest supermarkets - and the agencies that supply workers to them. It also highlighted conditions which flout minimum ethical trading standards and basic human rights. The report said: "Physical and verbal abuse were not uncommon, with a fifth of workers interviewed reporting being pushed, kicked or having things thrown at them by line managers; over a third of workers interviewed said they had experienced, or witnessed verbal abuse, often on a daily basis."It added: "Workers also reported being refused permission to take toilet breaks, and subsequently urinating or bleeding on themselves at the production line."

It is unfortunate that such things continue to happen in 21st century in spite of the rapid strides made by many countries in raising the living standard of their people. While the perpetrators of such crimes against humanity must be punished without any mercy, it is time Indian government makes migration of uneducated and under educated citizens from this country more difficult as they are going to face more and more such humiliations in foreign lands.


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