Saturday, March 13, 2010


Ever since Indian food exports suffered massive rejections at the entry ports of different buyer countries because of safety related issue, independent quality certification systems made their entry into the country. Independent and unbiased certification helps the buyers to rely on the safety of products manufactured in the country and ISO series of certification and HACCP compliant reports go a long way in instilling confidence on Indian food products. Added to this SAP management system ensures sound and efficient management of manufacturing activities of food industry. After almost two decades of experience in certification programs India has the necessary expertise to commercialize the programs for the benefit of many developing countries aspiring to become major players in global food trade. Here is a view from one of the international experts about India's capabilities in this field.

"It is relatively small at present, but, in the next five years India will take a global place competing with US, Chinese and European markets".

While it is good to hear from credible experts about Indian capabilities in this area, what is needed is to increase the level of confidence on India-based certification agencies because of the prevalence of wide scale corruption in the country in almost all realms of business activities. Probably Indian certification agencies should consider joint ventures with established international organizations with sound reputation in quality and safety auditing and certification in the field of food processing before charting out independently.


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