Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Humane slaughter of animals for food purpose is a charter universally accepted and the animal food industry more or less adhere to guidelines for scientific and humane handling of animals in the slaughter houses. Arising out of such considerations, animal protection agencies also have evolved guidelines for treating domestic pets though most of the pet owners love their pets so much ill treating them does not arise. But there are people who indulge in mindless violence against animals for reasons which are not clear and this phenomenon is attracting attention from psychologists and social experts who see some perturbing trait in these offenders.

"At least 27 states now allow courts to bar convicted animal abusers from owning or coming into contact with pets, nearly double the number from a decade ago, and 3 other states are considering similar measures this year. Tennessee and California are considering bills to create online registries of animal abusers."It's not that animal abuse is more prevalent," said Stephan Otto, director of legislative affairs with the Animal Legal Defense Fund. "What has changed over the past few years is the recognition that animal abuse is often a warning sign for other types of violence and neglect."

In a country like the US domestic pets can be raised only through a licensing system which lays down stringent conditions for maintaining these hapless animals at the mercy of their owners. Offending owners are dealt with seriously for animal abuse and increased awareness about animal "rights" is making people vigilant against abuses in their neighborhood, reporting the violations to the civic bodies. The new measures being initiated in the US should be model for other countries also because an animal has equal right to live "honorably"in this planet without indignity and pain.


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