Sunday, December 27, 2009


The recent Copenhagen deliberations have once again brought out the dangers lurking ahead due to uncontrolled CO2 emission that results in global warming. Contrary to the common perception that automobiles and industries are the major culprits, a realization seems to dawning at least amongst some that our present food consumption habits contribute as much CO2, if not more than other sources. Here is an argument that may convince some more people that we need to moderate our living style if to save this planet from impending catastrophe.

"More horrors: According to Diet for a New America and The Food Revolution author John Robbins, the average vegan uses about one-sixth of an acre of land to satisfy his or her food requirements for an entire year; the average vegetarian who consumes eggs and dairy products, like cow's milk, real cheese toppings on pizza, and even non-soy yogurt, requires about three times as much land; and the average meat-eater requires about 20 times as much land. Obviously, a lot more of the food grown on any given parcel of land can be made available to humans if it's not being funneled through animals first".

Probably protagonists of meat eating may frown upon such a stand though there is enough scientific evidence to support the view that food through animal route is a tremendous waste of energy, resources and land, besides other invisible losses through adverse productivity on account of health debilitating diseases caused by consumption of foods from animal sources.


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