Saturday, December 12, 2009


One of the most impact making moves as far the consumer and food industry are concerned pertains to the practice introduced some years ago to declare nutritional information of the products contained in packed products. This is a mutually beneficial practice where consumer can choose the most nutritious product while industry can boost its product value by continuously upgrading and improving the nutritional quality through scientific efforts. But sufficient scope still exists for hoodwinking the consumer by misleading labeling claims against which enforcement authorities are supposed to be alert. The importance of nutrition information in selecting products from the market shelves has been brought out by a recent study in South America.

The expert found: 'The label component is very important when selecting a product, although the brand name is even more so. The light denomination is also significant but less so than the labelling'. The study concluded: 'According to our studies, we allow ourselves to be guided by nutritional information. That is why we must consider the need to place more emphasis on the information that we give of a nutritional nature and the strategies that certain brands may implement to give the appearance of higher quality."

The fact that consumers of to day are guided more by nutrition labeling rather than the appearance, price or any other attributes is indeed remarkable and bodes well for future. Probably food industry will have to be more cautious while developing new products and is well advised to keep the nutrition aspects upper most in their mind while formulating new products.


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