Saturday, December 12, 2009


The over eating phenomenon that causes putting on unwanted and unhealthy extra weight is a multi-dimensional problem. Easy availability, low cost, large portion size, fast and frequent eating habits, ignoring information on calorie and fat content in the portion consumed, all contribute to over eating. Recently researchers have included the "eating attitude" to the list of probable causative factors for obesity.

"Guilt-ridden dieters, impulsive eaters and individuals too busy to focus on food are the most likely to show signs of obesity, according to a new study of middle-aged women and food attitudes conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota's Food Industry Center".

It is rather scary that middle aged women are prone to obesity because of their eating behavior because most of the health problems in them begin during the middle age. Surely they can do without an additional problem in the form of obesity due to their lackadaisical attitude to diet and food consumption. On the other extreme is the category of women, mostly teenagers and those in twenties, who recklessly resort to unscientific diets for keeping their body slim and attractive. Food must be given its due, if aesthetically and physically, one has to maintain the body without any health afflictions.

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