Friday, December 11, 2009


Beverage vending has taken a leaf out of the design features of drug dispensers which are able to deliver precise doses of medicines for cancer patients and for dialysis. Traditional vending machines, mostly based on flavored syrups and refrigerated water have limitations in restricting the choice for the consumers from the pre-prepared flavors and each flavor needs separate nozzle and dispenser for delivery based on consumer selection. But this is being overcome using single cartridges from where more than 100 types of drinks can be made, it recent claims by the developers of the new system are proved true.

"Being developed for the beverage giant Coca Cola, these vending machines are expected to revolutionize the operation of the industry dramatically. "The Freestyle machine uses small cartridges of highly-concentrated beverages, as opposed to large bags of syrup used in traditional machines, which usually have up to 12 flavors. The cartridges are also designed to be easier to replace than the bags, and their smaller sizes can keep shipping costs down. The current model is designed for self-service, but Coca-Cola is working on a version suitable for fast-food crews".

Whether these machines are developed exclusively for Coca Cola is not known. The highly concentrated beverage premix, with a capacity of 46 oz, can deliver hundreds of glasses of beverages each with a different flavor variant. It could also be useful for market research as the on-board computer in the machine can provide useful data regarding the most popular flavor.


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