Monday, December 28, 2009


With the Copenhagen climate change meeting looming ahead, there are expectations amongst environmentalists that definitive targets for green house gas emissions will be set by the participants to save the planet from further global warming and the consequent catastrophe. Similarly end of the cheap petroleum resources in another 2-3 decades and lack of alternative cheaper energy resources, will see the energy cost soaring with all its attending consequences.

"It's a lethal cloudscape of high energy prices and climate change that threatens to send prices soaring – but this may not be a bad thing: Provided the world's poorest are insulated from its effects. Today's historically low food prices will end soon with significant and, for some, catastrophically high, rises in the years ahead. That means food policy-makers and food companies should plan now how best to mitigate the effects of this building storm".

It is a scary scenario because even with the existing low food prices almost 20% of global population cannot access adequate food that can ensure a good quality life due to low purchasing power and endemic poverty. Discussion about insulating the poor and the downtrodden from this price spiral must be a priority for the world leaders when they meet at Copenhagen.


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