Thursday, December 31, 2009


Pot bellied people invariably carry too much fat around their waist due to their food consumption habits. Ready availability of high fat and high caloric products in the market attract consumers who have very little control over their desire to eat, bordering on gluttony. The undeniable fact that too many calories and fat in the diet can cause serious diseases like obesity, CVD, BP etc does not sink in, as long as pain and discomforts are not experienced. New studies are bringing out alarming news that women can face more serious consequences than men if they do not restrain themselves from indulging in high calorie foods during their middle age.

A new study from the Sahlgrenska Academy has shown that women who store fat on their waist in middle age are more than twice as likely to develop dementia when they get older. "Anyone carrying a lot of fat around the middle is at greater risk of dying prematurely due to a heart attack or stroke," said Deborah Gustafson, senior lecturer at the Sahlgrenska Academy. "If they nevertheless manage to live beyond 70, they run a greater risk of dementia," Gustafson added.

The choice is between dying before attaining 70 years of age or suffering from the dreaded dementia which can lead to Alzheimer's disease drastically cutting down the quality of life. What is seen to day is that young women exercise greater control over their food intake because of their desire to keep trim and presentable. This discipline disappears once they get settled in life and reach the middle age. The warning from the above study is timely, especially for women hailing from upper income groups who often lead a sedentary life style that does not help to burn their excess fat on the waist.


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