Friday, December 25, 2009


But for the large scale adoption of Aquaculture all over the world, most of the fish species coming from the wild would have been extinct long ago due to over harvesting for meeting the ever increasing demand for this highly nutritious food. With regular meat consumption being frowned upon because of its adverse effect on health, fish is the only safe food from the animal world that is universally recommended.

"Aquaculture is the production of seafood including shrimp, fish and plants under controlled conditions for at least part of their lifecycle. According to the FDA, the aquaculture sector has grown more than 11 percent annually. Aquaculture is now the fastest-segment growing segment of agriculture worldwide, accounting for 52 percent of all fish produced, according to the agency. In the US, 85 percent of all seafood consumed is imported from approximately 50 different countries, of that 40 percent comes from aquaculture and 60 percent is from wild harvest".

Most of the fish species are rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, the essential nutrient, the body cannot synthesize in vivo. Aquaculture technology has assumed the critical role as a dependable way to produce various fish species that are in demand. Many rivers and the sea water are invariably polluted with man-made chemicals and industrial wastes and the safety of fish harvested from these water bodies is increasingly being compromised. In aquaculture system the producer has control on many parameters and the safety of the fish produced is more or less assured.


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