Thursday, December 17, 2009


According to some food safety experts it is better to avoid eating certain foods because of definitive reasons. Whether such a conclusion is reached based on meticulously compiled safety data or just a gut feeling will determine the credibility of such advices. Looking at the list of seven foods these experts say they would avoid, most of them are grown or manufactured to day and marketed. Caution needs to be exercised regarding following of this advice because the data may be relevant only for some of them confined to some geographic region at a particular given time.

"Want to know the foods that the "food safety experts" won't eat?
Prevention Magazine decided to ask. They posed the question, "What foods do you avoid?" to the people whose work is to uncover what's safe to eat – or not"

Included in the list are tomatoes, popcorn, salmon, milk, potato and apples grown/processed in a particular way. Canned potato is avoided because of the reported findings regarding presence of BPA in the lining of the cans used while microwaved popcorn is shunned due to reported presence of perfluorooctanoic acid migrated from the bags. Similarly Non-organic potato and non-organic apples are indicted because of pesticide/herbicide residue in them. Milk produced using rBGH hormones and farmed salmon using unsafe chemicals are also shunned due to safety apprehensions.


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