Thursday, December 31, 2009


In a severe indictment of the working of Food Safety Authorities vested with safe guarding the health of Indian citizens from spurious foods, it has been reported that practically nothing is being done in the city of Allahabad in monitoring the quality and safety of food materials offered by the retail traders though there exists the necessary machinery for doing the job decently. It is often said that Indians are good in drafting laws but weak in implementing them at the ground level. This has been brought out very clearly by the Allahabad sham.

"Though there are numerous food inspectors working with the AMC whose duty is to collect food samples. However, the food samples were last collected several months back by a handful of food inspectors. To make matters worse, even after the food sample is collected and sent to the laboratory, it is not ensured that about the getting the result of the test. So the situation remains the same. The food inspectors are least bothered about the health of the people. Rather than checking the quality of food being sold in the market, they receive a fixed monthly commission from the shops. Thus, they remain mute witness to the food materials comprising with the health of people"

It is a pity that these so called food inspectors neither inspect nor exercise vigilance over the quality and safety of foods in the market, after drawing fat salaries from the exchequer and their loyalty is to the traders but not to the nation or its citizens. Probably Chinese example of executing the criminals in the melamine tainted milk episode, is some thing India should think of in bringing to book our own desi criminals, both the perpetrators as well as their abettors. How impotent FSSAI is amply demonstrated by the sordid scenario that is unfolding in cities like Allahabad where consumers are exposed to serious health risks by consuming adulterated foods day in and day out..


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