Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Cooks, gloriously called Cheffs undergo training on various aspects pf culinary preparations under structured programs offered by many cookery schools, some of them with international reputation. The curriculum for such courses can vary depending on the country where the schools are located. There cannot be a universal curriculum for such courses because of the vast diversity in food preferences amongst consumers. How ever a majority of the schools follow western cuisines to train their candidates focusing more on bread, cookies, bread,meat dishes etc ignoring many of the local preparations. If one wants to have high quality training in western cuisines, ten top training schools in the world offer such courses.

"Whether you're on track for a professional culinary career or learning how to boil water, there is a gourmet getaway designed for you. Resident foodie Courtney Crowder uncovers 10 gourmet getaways, where cooks of all levels can combine travel with culinary education".

In India the catering institutes under the Ministry of Tourism located in different parts of the country offer short term and long term courses and the trained personnel find gainful employment mostly in star hotels. Unfortunately the emphasis on the curriculum is still on western food preparations and most of the graduates from these schools have very little insight into Indian ethnic foods. Probably this bias may be due to the excessive focus on foreign tourists who patronize star hotels. Why not modify the course content to include some local foods also so that foreign tourists are exposed to the food culture of the country?

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