Thursday, December 3, 2009


In a move to improve the image of the industry, conscious attempts are being made to improve the health aspect of processed foods without affecting the attractiveness of the products to the consumer. This is an area worthy of cooperative efforts between academic researchers and market driven industry managers. Issues like high fat, high sugar, high calories, high salt, lack of dietary fiber are haunting the industry and it is time now for the two creative stake holders to come together to modify many of the popular existing food products to incorporate positive health features without adversely affecting their organoleptic quality too drastically. The future of food industry lies here.

"Every year scientists are given huge amounts of money by the larger corporations to find ways in which junk food can be turned into healthier junk food. The corporations have no option because the junk they created is destroying health to such a massive extent that the economy is paying for it in ways that nobody ever would have imagined. Since this food has an almost cult like following and many families actually live on the stuff, action had to be taken before some clever lawyer discovers a new reason to institute a class action that could potentially destroy big business or, at least, let it hemorrhage badly".

The tobacco class action episode cannot be easily forgotten when the industry had to fork out billions of dollars towards damage to consumers who were affected by cigarette smoking. It is possible that same can happen to food industry also one day for peddling unhealthy foods knowing pretty well that their consumption can lead to obesity, CVD, blood pressure, kidney diseases etc. It is better late than never!

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