Saturday, December 5, 2009


It is a pleasant surprise to hear from a small country like Ghana in the African Continent that "Culinary Tourism" is the answer to the dwindling fortunes of the tourism industry and stagnating processed food sector. Tourism has assumed different dimensions in recent years and there are sub-sectors like Rain tourism, Yoga tourism, Ayurvedic tourism, Medical tourism, Wild life tourism, Adventure tourism, Beach tourism, Archaeological tourism,History tourism, etc. Food offers an excellent foundation for building a tourism industry in many countries having distinct portfolios of heritage foods.

"Mrs. Mensah noted that culinary tourism, which is one of the latest in the line of innovative ideas in the sector, is valued by tourism professionals as one of the most popular niches in the world's tourism industry today. Research has shown that every traveler eats when he or she is away from home and even at his or her normal place of residence, one can have the desire to eat and sample dishes other than the person's own food can become the central attraction for tourists who seek exotic foods and we in Ghana should exploit that opportunity".

One of the most critical issues when culinary tourism is organized, is the high priority to be accorded to sanitation and food safety to prevent occurrence of untoward food related mishaps caused by infection or contamination. Countries like India must set up dedicated "Culinary Tourism Authority" with strong back up infrastructure for certifying 'eating joints' that serve safe and authentic foods to create necessary confidence amongst tourists about the safety of the foods served


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