Friday, December 18, 2009


Copenhagen climate summit is drawing to a close and there does not seem to be high hopes for a universally acceptable agreement amongst the nations that could have ensured significant emission cuts in the coming years. The fact that this century cannot withstand another 2C rise in global temperature without any catastrophic consequences does not seem to have instilled any sense of urgency for which the entire world will have pay for it. It is interesting that one of the top emitter of green house gases, the US, had the cheek to sign a cooperation agreement with India recently for fostering a green partnership, probably without meaning it!

"Launch of a "Green Partnership"
to strengthen U.S./India cooperation on clean energy, climate change, and food security. This reflects our two countries' commitment to taking vigorous action to combat climate change, ensuring mutual energy security, working towards global food security, and building a clean energy economy that will drive investment, job creation, and economic growth throughout the 21st century".

Looking at the word play in the joint communication, where clean energy, climate change and food security find prominent mention, one becomes skeptic as to the outcome of such an exercise. In contrast countries like India and China, with lot of developmental aspirations for their population, have unilaterally declared drastic cut in emissions voluntarily between 20 and 40% before the year 2020. The moot question here is whether such sacrifices are really worth because it can only keep rich man always rich and allow growth of poverty further among the impoverished poor.


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