Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Dire prediction of an impending energy crunch due to alarming depletion of fossil fuels is spurring scientists to develop alternate energy technologies which will have no green house gas emission and are environment friendly. Though this is a Utopian dream, limited success achieved so far does indicate that this planet will survive post-fossil fuel era through innovations and mind boggling technological developments in the coming years. New developments always come with a price and some sacrifice is necessary to make new systems work. Substitution and replacements are invariably less satisfactory than the original and calls for adjustment and accommodation.

Enormous resources are being committed globally on renewable energy systems based on solar, wind and geothermal sources and each of them has its own limitations with which we have to live. "Here is an inconvenient truth about renewable energy: It can sometimes demand a huge amount of water. Many of the proposed solutions to the nation's energy problems, from certain types of solar farms to biofuel refineries to cleaner coal plants, could consume billions of gallons of water every year".

Water is also equally precious and energy generation probably cannot be at the expense of water, if it is irretrievably lost. Scientific community can be some time mono-focal when pursuing a target and such secondary problems can be lost sight of during the development stage. A holistic approach, there fore is imperative if practical solutions are to be found in the energy sector.


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