Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Taiwan, compared to mainland China is a very small country but technologically it is not far behind China in many spheres of industrial activity relevant to modern life. Solar energy is the focus all over the world as the time for exhausting the fossil fuel sources is fast approaching, necessitating alternative options for renewable energy systems. The acute nature of the problem can be realized when it is known that not even 2% of to day's energy comes from non-conventional energy sources, in spite of decades of efforts and massive investments in practically every country on this planet. The progress made in this area by Taiwan is impressive and solar energy and photovoltaic cells are priority areas for this country.

"There was also a solar powered cockroach  elimination machine developed by Hung Der
Technical and Commercial High School that re-charges with solar power to
sense and
electrocute cockroaches. This brought in many inquiries from visiting
buyers and offers to
collaborate in production. International buyers were also
highly interested in Ching Yun
University`s trendy solar car; the Industrial
Technology Research Institute of Taiwan`s
solar cooking pot (that cooks food
using optical reflection) and Solarfocus Technology`s solar
powered clothes,
which helps blood circulation, and maintains a comfortable temperature for
the wearer".

Department of Non-conventional Energy at Delhi is vested with the responsibility of developing new sources
of energy as India is importing more than 65% of
its energy needs at present. It is imperative that the country
extricates itself
from the vice-like grip of petroleum products on its development. Probably India will be better off
having bilateral technical cooperation with Taiwan and
at the University level, lot can be achieved. It is time
the antenna is turned
180 degrees from the West to the East from where there are many things to learn
and be benefited.

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