Saturday, October 24, 2009


Swine flu pandemic seems to be chugging on in almost all parts of the world causing minimum damage so far and it is believed that the virus may transform into a more virulent form in the coming months when the environment becomes more conducive for their proliferation. Global efforts, starting from Mexico where swine flu emerged as a dangerous infection, have been commendable and it is a tribute to the capability of man to manage such episodes with minimum consequences. Availability of vaccines for containing this infection is a welcome development though its full impact will only be known later.

"The outbreak will no doubt garner international attention because of the potential for the virus to mutate into a more serious strain when it jumps from one species to another. That did not happen in this case. Canada is the second country to experience an outbreak among turkeys. Chile discovered an outbreak in August, prompting the United Nations to issue a warning about the possibility of H1N1 combining with another influenza strain, creating a more virulent one".

Transfer of H1N1 virus from humans to animals is supposed to be dangerous and already pigs have been infected with this virus through human contact as reported earlier. Now that turkey birds are also affected, more diligence is called for, to prevent such inter species transfer and avoid evolution of more destructive form of this virus..


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