Thursday, October 1, 2009


No doubt the massive food aid to poor countries by some of the well to do nations has been able to reduce the pain of hunger to some extent, there cannot be a giver-receiver relationship of permanent nature. The designs of some of the multinational seed giants are too obvious in that they want poor African countries to be their permanent clients for buying seed, especially GM varieties year after year ensuring improved bottom line for their business. Against such a dismal picture, it is like fresh whiff of air when the new US administration is unfolding its new policy of helping poor countries to stand on their own legs through infrastructure and capacity building instead of doling out alms.

Read about what the new policy is all about. "Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled a food security initiative launched by the Obama administration to combat hunger worldwide. Clinton spoke about a new approach from the Obama administration in dealing with hunger issues, a food security initiative that attempts to help people around the world grow, buy and sell the food they need instead of focusing primarily on emergency food aid in times of crisis," .

What is needed is to usher in a green revolution in the African continent, which were net exporters of food grains not too long ago, to reverse the present situation where food imports have become common. Though the greater inputs of resources like fertilizers, pesticides and other ingredients for technological upgrading will be a feature of increased land productivity, till adequate base is created for self-reliance, this is inevitable. The million dollar question is whether what man proposes (read US government), God will dispose( read multinationals). One has to see to believes it, as and when it happens!

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