Monday, October 26, 2009


Food is a multi-disciplinary subject and it is difficult for any single specialist to comprehend the inter disciplinary dynamics that play a part in the development of food processing industry. While consumers depend more or less on the government to protect their interests in terms of safety and quality of products that are manufactured and marketed, industry focuses more on the viability of its investments, some time compromising on consumer interests. Here is where a well orchestrated and sound policy frame work will help. All countries should have a distinct mechanism for evolving and fine tuning the national food policies taking into consideration interests of all stake holders.

"Utah is one of only 20 states with a Food Policy Council, which seeks to educate and inform the public and policy makers about nutrition, but it does not have a state-level policy for improving the availability of stores that offer healthy foods".

In India GOI has not yet thought of such a council and it is time to make a move in that direction. True there is MFPI, the nodal ministry for food industry but it is more an administrative set up obsessed with spending targets and incentive programs. Any food policy council should have members from different sectors like agriculture, food, health, manufacturing, finance, legal, marketing, commerce, retailing and social welfare. Probably the Planning Commission could the ideal nodal agency for such a broad based council.


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