Thursday, October 1, 2009


A responsible food company must combine business with compassion and consideration for the welfare of the society. If the blame for to day's obesity and CVD epidemic is to apportioned, the major culprit will be the food processing industry which in its relentless pursuit of better financial performance put the consumer fate to the back burner. Of course mindless indulgence with junk foods in response to the high voltage commercial campaign and high purchasing power seem to have distorted the thinking on the part of the consumer, making him almost like a zombie!. Basics of nutrition and health sciences are well known to the industry players and still many products launched,to day cater to the sensory satisfaction rather than well being of the consumers.

It is refreshing that under the bleak scenario that exists to day, at least one large industry player is making an attempt to wean away the consumer from the high calorie, high fat, high salt products by offering convenience fruit based natural products. "The product line includes whole bananas, packaged using a Del Monte's technology that slows down the ripening process and maintains the yellow fruit for five days. Other products include fresh-cut pineapple chunks, apple slices, grapes, baby carrots, celery sticks and grape tomatoes. Some of the cut fruits and vegetables are available with light dips".

Last year similar attempts were made in Singapore where vending machines were designed for easy access to freshly cut fruits and installed at vantage points in the city. The reported success of this enterprise could have inspired the American giant to try out this line and hope for a 'win-win' situation. Probably vending system for salad preparations may also be welcomed by the consumers knowing the value of vegetables in their well being. Indians may have to wait for an enterprising entrepreneur to emerge for access to such healthy foods. It is a pity that NDDB's F & V Project has not thought about it so far though it could have provided the necessary spark for development of this line by the private sector companies.


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