Monday, October 26, 2009


High calories foods invariably are less nutrient dense and processed food products belonging to this category are rich in sugar and fat, considered culprits in the lives of the present generation. While industry looks for maximizing their profits, the society expects them to be equitable in their pursuit of commercial goals. There is a lurking suspicion that industry invariably puts more money in developing and promoting products which cater to the sensory pleasures of the consumer neglecting those qualities that protect and boost their health.

Such a situation as above is attracting attention in the US and same has now been authenticated by scientific research, proving the point. "The center is trying to expose the marketing tactics that make kids clamor for a sugary start to the day, crispy calorie bombs that are often low in fiber and high in junky carbohydrates. Rudd researchers just finished crunching Nielsen and comScore data — which track television and Internet marketing — to figure out exactly how much cereal advertising kids see. The result: obesity researchers for the first time have hard data proving that the least healthy cereals are the ones marketed most aggressively to children".

It is inconceivable that a responsible industry that deals with food can play such a negative role and bring long term misery to the lives of people and nations, who sustain its very existence. It is more like "biting the hand that feeds"! Before the situation gets worse, some discipline needs to be "imposed" on the errant industry.


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