Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The errant monsoon this year, which is being blamed for the food problem India is currently facing, is not going to be forgotten easily considering the damage it can do in the immediate future. Added to this, fast deteriorating climate conditions are likely to pile more miseries in the coming years. International pressure is building up on India to take more steps to cut down its greenhouse emissions as a part of cumulative global action program

"Over the last 48 hours, India's ruling combine had two reasons for euphoria: electoral triumphs in three states and the announcement that the economy will grow by 6.5 per cent this year. But a footnote in the economic data has revealed how the euphoria must be put aside immediately, as climate change poses the next big political challenge for the Congress party. A season of withering drought and damaging rainstorms is predicted to cut India's agricultural output by 2 per cent, despite a 400 per cent rise in rural spending on jobs and infrastructure by the government since Prime Minister Manmohan Singh took office in 2004. With climate-change models predicting harsher droughts, storms and floods across India as the earth warms, rescuing the livelihoods of 670 million Indians who survive on farming is an immediate and long-term economic and political challenge".

It is not realized that budgeting more money is not the answer to overcome India's problems but political will, missionary zeal, commitment and result-oriented, time bound, dynamic action only can achieve lasting solutions to the country's manifold problems. Years have been lost 'debating' the issues and more years should not be lost with more such 'debating'!


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