Friday, August 21, 2009


Water is a critical input for all industries including food processing and any economizing measure, if not properly thought of, can be disastrous. Generally there is a belief amongst food technologists and hygienists that more the water used better will be the efficiency of processing, especially in warding of microbial hazards. If water is available plenty the need for economizing on its use may not be of that urgency but increased energy cost and global water shortage mandate the processors to conserve water as much as possible. The development of the specially designed spray nozzle as reported below can be a boon to the industry.

"The Kwik Clean 3 is a high-pressure, high-efficiency, pre-rinse nozzle for use in the restaurant, hospital, university and water utility industries, as well as in mortuaries, pet stores, groceries and supermarkets. It minimizes water consumption and sewage charges, as well as the cost to heat water".

Reported development of a rinsing system for lye peeling operations in the use, is claimed to cut down water use by as much as 80% and such technologies hold promise for future. Continuous efforts in achieving water economy are unavoidable considering the diminishing water resources of usable quality in the world.

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