Thursday, August 20, 2009


Reams of papers have come out on the possibility of extending the life of human beings for a few more years than what is fated, though many believe that their life span is decided the day they were born. Even amongst the scientific community there is serious reservation on the feasibility of significantly increasing the life span, in spite of supportive evidence coming from studies with small experimental animals. As long as these findings are not confirmed through human studies, skeptics will always dominate the discussion on this subject. The fact that clinical studies are now going on to get an affirmative answer, gives hope for future generations. Look at the report below.

"People find it almost impossible to maintain such a diet, so this recipe for longevity remained a scientific curiosity for many decades. Then came the discovery of the single gene changes, many of which are involved in the body's regulation of growth, energy metabolism and reproduction. The single gene changes thus seem to be pointing to the same biochemical pathways through which caloric restriction extends life span".

Since the calorie restriction approach is unlikely to be accepted due to the practical difficulties, drug route may eventually succeed in man's quest for eternity. If successful, the faith of many scientists in the ability of human body to preserve itself through internal resources may be justified. However use of chemicals to prolong life may be beset with other consequences about which we have to be weary.


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