Friday, August 28, 2009


Relentless pursuit of profits through fair or unfair means seems to be the goal of some of the mighty industrial giants with least consideration for the safety and welfare of the consumer. In a democratic society freedom is the most cherished possession that cannot be compromised but it has to be a responsible freedom with compassionate considerations for fellow denizens. It is this freedom which is being curtailed through financial and political clout by some of the major players in the field who usurp monopoly in some areas, relentlessly influence the eating habits of consumers for their own corporate benefits, suppress the aspirations of the farmers through secretive technologies and fight the government against transparency in label declarations. .

"Individuals have a right to know what they are eating, but big players in the food industry are fighting this. Corn is in just about everything. High fructose corn syrup is fattening the children of the country. This epidemic will have far reaching consequences and nothing is being done to correct the it. Instead, measures are taken to avoid dealing with the problem. Instead of labeling the calories on fast food, the industry supports telling kids to get out and exercise. Of course exercise is good, but it is pointless if you are taking in so many calories that you can't possibly burn it off. This epidemic is going to cost us trillions of dollars in the long run. We have an obesity rate of 30%. Children are getting diabetes on a regular basis. And all that the government has done so far is to tell us to get out and ride our bikes"

If the controlling authorities vested with power to protect the consumer and NGOs active in food field, do not take adequate interest in monitoring the activities of these corporate entities, consumers and the farmers will have no future in this planet. Without getting into the controversy surrounding GM foods, it is the birth right of every individual to have access to safe foods without being herded into only those foods with doubtful credentials that are made by a few monopolists through what ever means. Food industry in general can claim to be responsive to consumer interest and probably, it cannot be faulted for the undesirable behavior of a few members of their clan.


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