Friday, August 21, 2009


Geothermal energy is increasingly being considered as a viable alternate energy option to fossil fuels as the core of the earth has unlimited heat that is only to be tapped through appropriate technology. Though theoretically it sounds great, the logistical problem in reaching at such depths is a major practical constraint. Many believe that going to a depth of more than 3 km below earth's surface may trigger earth quakes causing unpredictable consequences, especially if the drilling is done in earth quake prone areas.

According to news reports"the Obama administration's first major test of geothermal energy as a significant alternative to fossil fuels has fallen seriously behind schedule, several federal scientists said this week, even as the project is under review because of the earthquakes it could generate in Northern California".

Since success in this area is crucial for the US to come out the vice-like grip the imported fossil fuels have on the country, one can naturally understand the anxiety about the slow pace of the geothermal energy project. There are grave apprehensions whether the current technology is capable enough to drill 12000 ft through the rock terrain to tap the energy associated with hot bed of rocks. World will be watching with interest the progress of this experiment success of which can change the face of human civilization for better.

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