Saturday, August 29, 2009


In spite of so much knowledge generated during the lat two decades about the inglorious role played by the 'three villains of peace'-sugar, salt and fat, in most of the life style diseases so rampant to day, no lesson seems to have been learnt if one goes by what food industry is doing to abet the situation. It is true that food industry has to meet the taste aspirations of the consumer, at least to stay in the competition but that cannot be at the cost of his health. Food is a weakness with many and massive promotion with a background message that eating 'good' food in not a crime through saturated advertisements, is bound to drive hordes of consumers to the super markets to 'enjoy' them for which they may regret later.

Through new avatars of products with fancy names like cookie pizza, master burger, famous bowl, cheeseburger fries, coffee with whipped cream, dough nut sundae, etc food industry is 'seducing' the consumer to go for such foods containing 550 to 1200 calories per serving. "Although the organic movement has certainly started to influence how Americans think about their food, it is still no match for the American fast food industry, which continuously finds creative new ways of piling sugar, salt and fat on a plate and charging customers $4.99 for the privilege of eating it".

It is time food industry world over is penalized for such brazen attempts if they violate the cardinal principle that industry is there not for profit alone but also for the welfare of the people they are supposed to serve. Fiscal measures like very high taxation for such of the products containing high levels of sugar, salt and calories or total ban on some of them considered harmful, may have to be considered if self-discipline is not exercised.

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