Tuesday, August 18, 2009


World over consumption of medicines for controlling or managing blood sugar levels within the desirable limits is rampant though this practice was questioned by many experts who had doubts regarding the advisability of such an approach. Unnecessary consumption of medicines or any thing that is not natural can cause many problems including fatality. True, diabetes is a top but slow killer and adversely affects the quality of life if the sugar level in the blood is not kept under control. It is appalling to see a report emanating from the US where, due to an apparent nexus between the drug industry and some experts, in 2005, recommended aggressive control measures which could be achieved using approved hypoglycemic medicines. Fortunately, realizing the dangers inherent in such measures these recommendations have been rescinded. The quote below reflects the current situation:

"Last year, a national guideline-setting group abruptly withdrew a controversial diabetes standard it adopted in 2006 that called for aggressive control of blood sugar, or glucose. The change came after a large federal study indicated that lowering glucose too quickly or too much in some patients could harm or even kill them".

While "better late than never" can be a consolation, larger question that emerges from the above experience which caused many deaths during the last 3 years due to sudden drop in blood sugar, is the integrity of scientists and physicians in colluding with an industry to promote some products with questionable benefit. Blood sugar level can easily be controlled in normal and near normal persons with a little bit of resolve through diet management without needing any drug. One can only hope that the present paranoia with cholesterol which has spawned the multi billion dollar statin industry promoting aggressive control of cholesterol, will also come under the scanner.


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