Monday, August 17, 2009


Food materials being perishable with finite shelf life require intensive marketing efforts to dispose off them from the shelves in minimum time. Modern marketing strategy involves almost saturated advertisements through various means to reach the consumer highlighting the USP features including the price advantages. Selling schemes like BOGOF offer the consumer the choice of "buy one, get one free"(BOGOF) that effectively boils down to getting the product at half the labeled price. Realizing that people are buying more than what they can eat, the government in UK is advising the retailers to reduce their price by 50% to avoid unnecessary wastage of valuable foods as is being reported below:

"The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is asking supermarkets to offer half price deals on these products rather than BOGOFS, as part of tough targets on reducing food waste, reported Advertising Age".

According to the above report British consumers waste food, about 6.7 million tons (mt) annually, valued at 10 billion pound sterling out of which 4.1 mt could still be eaten. This amounts to a wastage rate of 420 pound sterling worth of food per house hold. Phenomenal wastage of foods in western countries is a well known phenomenon reflecting the wealth and affluence amongst their population and one report even claims that the food thrown away by them can feed all the hungry people on this planet.

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