Thursday, August 13, 2009


Food industry basically involves buying raw materials of required quality and value addition through processing for selling the product to the consumer. Honesty is the corner stone for both the buying and selling operations and confidence of the consumer can be retained only if the industry ensures their managers do not indulge in corrupt practices. Compromising on the quality of raw material purchased, for the sake of personal benefit of the purchase managers, can compromise the quality and safety of the consumer. Similarly selling malpractices at personnel level can cause significant financial damage to the company. It is rarely that corruption within the industry becomes a public issue. look at the following news report;

A federal judge handed down the first prison term Tuesday for one of several former food-industry insiders
who engaged in corruption in the U.S. processed tomato industry.

It is commendable that the US Food Industry sets such an example for others across the world instead of hushing it up as is the normal practice.

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