Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It is well known that white sugar is one of the major culprits in causing many health disorders faced by mankind to day. Sugar is the chief ingredient in almost al sweet tasting processed foods and contributes bulk of the calories in the every day diet. There is a belief supported by innumerable studies that to day's health problems cannot be solved through any fancy health care system but are manageable by adopting sound eating practices and balanced diet. If any government is trying to discourage consumption of a product because of health reasons, through taxation policy, that deserves support. But look at the way the industry, supposed to be caring for the well being of the consumer, is reacting to the proposal from the US Government to make soda waters or fizz drinks costlier so that less is consumed.

"Industry groups are fighting a soft-drink tax proposal that is not part of any pending health care measure. Still, they're taking no chances. The American Beverage Association has begun a $2 million ad campaign to oppose a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks, depicting it as a tax on simple pleasures."

If tobacco is taxed heavily because of its injurious effect, why not high sugar foods too? In fact even high fat products also must be included in this category of foods that can cause health problems. Industry, instead of campaigning against the proposal must self-discipline itself by modifying their products by using natural fruit juices in place of sugar to sweeten the fizz drinks.


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