Saturday, January 30, 2010


It is always fashionable to compare the developments in India and China, the two Asian giants, both of them growing economically posing challenges to the developed countries in the current millennium. The very fact that President of United States in his "State of the Union" address to his nation mentioned about India as a threat to its domination, speaks volume about the resilience Indian democracy has amongst the comity of nations to day. While China has out paced India in several areas of development, it is yet to catch up with the latter in skill based industry and service sectors. This is a left handed compliment from the economic gurus of the West.

"India, in contrast does have conglomerates, such as the Tata Group. For all Chinese firms' success in capital-intensive industries, they have been outpaced by Indian companies in skill-intensive sectors such as pharmaceuticals, information technology and business processing. There is no Chinese Wipro ( WIT - news - people ) or Infosys. Not yet, at least. Nor has China developed substantial food and beverage or retailing companies, two industries still dominated by Western giants such as Nestle ( NSRGY.PK - news - people ) and Wal-Mart ( WMT - news - people )".

Now it is the turn of India to emulate China's achievements in capital-intensive industries through sustained efforts in the coming years. Technological, industrial and economic power can only help any nation to reach the top and it is within India's reach to achieve an eminent position in the world through hard work, commitment, sound policy and strong infrastructure.

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