Tuesday, January 8, 2013


These are the days of energy crunch all over the world, with the unsustainable and limited fossil fuel sources running out and no viable alternatives still in sight. Is it not the solemn responsibility of every denizen to make maximum efforts to save energy as much as possible and avoid conspicuous consumption, amounting to unnecessary wastage of the precious resources? Thanks to some visionary people serious attempts are now being made to cut down on energy consumption at industry level which if taken up sincerely across the whole spectrum of the industrial sector can result in very significant conservation of energy through mammoth levels of waste reduction. The path-breaking initiative by a single supermarket in the UK in providing doors to their refrigerated vegetable display counters resulting in huge savings has been reported recently which goes to show how promising such a step would be on a global scale. Here is a peep into this exciting development. 

"This may not sound like a big deal, until you realize that if every grocery store in the U.K. installed doors on their refrigerators, it would save roughlydouble the amount of electricity produced by Europe's second largest coal-fired power plant. Even as we've been dutifully carting our own bags to the grocery store, it never quite dawned on us what energy hogs all those open refrigerators are—but the produce display status quo is essentially like leaving the door on your kitchen fridge open all day, every day. Yeah, you'd expect a pretty big electric bill at the end of the month. Huge, in fact. Grocery stores in the U.K. use a full 5 percent of the country's electricity, much of that for refrigeration. By putting doors on the refrigerators in all new stores and retrofitting many others, the Co-operative is saving $80 million a year on its power bills. So why aren't all grocery stores seeking more...closure? You guessed it: the fickle customer. Can we just pause a moment to ask: Who are these people? Are they of the same ilk as the mythical "undecided voter"? Because it seems whenever some sort of simple, environmentally responsible change like this is floated, businesses always cite masses of skittish and seemingly dimwitted "customers" as their top concern. We really want to meet one of these people who would all of a sudden stop shopping for meat or produce if they had to strain themselves to open a refrigerator door".

Even a child knows that keeping the small home refrigerator open for long can result in increased consumption of power but the giant super markets refuse to heed to such cautions, obviously to please the consumer who need not have to "strain' to open the doors, if the refrigerated display counters are to be fitted with glass doors!. Already the frozen display shelves in most supermarkets are glass shuttered and no consumer seems to be complaining as yet! Probably if the stores refuse to do this minor change in their refrigeration section, law has to forced on them to make such alterations in the interest of saving of precious power for the benefit of whole of humanity. 


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