Monday, January 14, 2013


One of the reasons ascribed to putting on weight in human beings is eating the food too fast which leads to ingesting more than what is required by the body. Consumption of too much calories beyond one's actual need, the body tends to convert the excess ones into body fat. While ideally strict eating discipline can avoid over eating, it is more easily said than done. This is true especially in countries where ready to eat foods of diverse tastes are easily available at low prices. Taking into consideration this human gullibility, an innovative technique has been developed which involves designing electronically controlled spoons and forks that can warn the consumer about fast eating. Here is a take on this interesting innovation.

What's the coolest new gadget at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week? It's too soon to tell. But I have an early favorite for the title of oddest new gadget: theHAPIfork and HAPIspoon. They may sound like characters from a nursery rhyme, but this fork and spoon connect to the Internet and can monitor and record how you eat. The HAPI utensils measure how long your meals last, how long you pause between each bite and how many mouthfuls of food you consume. If these utensils think you are eating too fast, they will vibrate — it feels kind of like a silent ring on a cellphone — to let you know to slow down. Unfortunately, they are not yet programmed to beep or issue electric shock if you chew with your mouth open. However, you can plug them into your computer when you are done with your meal and upload the data about what you just ate. And you can share it all on Twitter.

Interface between daily activities including eating and electronic apps is providing many gadgets for daily use by the consumer to monitor and adapt the living style to what is ideal as per expert recommendations. Though this looks intimidating to most consumers, there are many who are excited about electronic gadgetry, willing to use them regularly. It remains to be seen whether man will ever give up his innate, God-given mental strength in controlling his destiny in favor of a battery of soulless electronic gadgets!


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