Monday, November 14, 2011


World is supposed to be facing crisis in the three most critical areas that sustain life in this planet which are food, water and energy. During the recent Economic Forum Meeting in Mumbai there was a consensus that all these areas are interconnected and planning cannot be done in isolation calling for integrated thinking and acting. Please read further from the following report:

Everyone has their own version of the nexus. Take a solar pump, for instance. The solar energy runs a pump that provides water to produce food. That is the nexus we are talking about. If the solar energy is free, the farmer will use water carelessly. Instead of cultivating groundnuts, he might shift to sugarcane. In other words, everything is interconnected. You can't have separate solutions for food, 

There appears to be lot of truth in the assertion by the author of the above exposition and it may be time now for the GOI planners at Delhi to take corrective measures to remove the distortion all too evident in their current thinking.


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