Thursday, November 17, 2011


Here is a double edged sword that can either suppress your appetite for a particular food or enhance the craving for it! Is it believable? Obviously scientific studies seem to be substantiating this theory. According to flavor experts if the food plate is white in color, any food with its typical color, gets its appeal enhanced tempting the consumers to take more of it. If the same food is served on a black plate some degree of apathy seems to be creeping in the mind of the consumer making it less appealing. Whether this role of plate color can be effectively employed to cut down food consumption remains to be seen. Here is more information on this phenomenon.

"How do you make your strawberry mousse sweeter and richer-tasting? The answer isn't more strawberries and sugar. Instead, try serving it on a white plate. A new study has shown that plate color affects how people perceive the flavor of the food they taste. Scientists and marketers alike have long known color can affect how we perceive food. For instance, in 1957 marketing pioneer Louis Cheskin reported that adding 15 percent more yellow to green 7UP cans caused consumers to perceive the soft drink as having a more lemony-limey flavor".

Unfortunately both the manufacturing and catering industry would shun such practices that might affect their business adversely. But there may be scope for this "deception" to be part of a restrictive diet regime at home for health conscious weight watchers. Or could this be deployed to make food more appealing to kids? Possibly worth trying out! One interesting point that can provoke some thoughts is whether serving a meal on a green plantain leaf will increase the quantum of food consumed or not. Meals served on a leaf are thought to be more tasty and healthy, possibly because of the presence of chlorophyll in the leaf with its potential health boosting properties. Further studies on these "grey" areas are worth pursuing.


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