Saturday, February 27, 2010


India is a country full of preachers many of whom do not follow the preachings, probably due to insincerity, incapability or indifference. Being a peace loving nation Indians rarely confront preachers to force them to practice what they are preaching! Probably this trait has contributed to the impressive growth of preachers in this country on every subject on earth. Food is not an exception. Here is a take on that.

"Science, innovation and food safety should touch people. Farmers in India are not even aware of what Codex is, so demanding adherence to safety codes from this lot is unreasonable. It is important that Codex is translated in the local languages to make it reach the grassroot India".

In a country where farmers are driven in droves to committing suicide due to abject poverty and uncertainties of farming, "teaching" them Codex through local languages can at best be termed as a cruel joke! The gentleman, from whose mouth the above pearls of wisdom poured out, had almost two decades as one of the VIP bureaucratic scientists of GOI in planning food industry development but hardly any thing to show as accomplishment in the area. This is a classical example of the fertile field in the country where only such preachers can flourish. No wonder native Indian rooted food industry is facing extinction driven out by the influx of multinationals with innovative technologies and products dominating the processing sector. It needs no enemies if such friendly "preachers" are around!

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