Thursday, February 25, 2010


Last year's food poisoning episode in China involving melamine tainted milk products that killed 6 children and affected more than 3 lakh others with urinary tract problems is still fresh in the memory of the world. That indignant nation saw the resignation of the Minister Mr Li Changjiang, overseeing the safety of food products, obviously owning the responsibility for the unfortunate fiasco. That it was a drama enacted to pacify the people became clear when the same gentleman was rewarded with a plush ministerial post for overseeing government's efforts to curb pornographic and illegal publications with in an year of the tainted milk episode. Here is a sample of what the indignant parents whose children were affected had to say on this deceitful act of their government.

"My boy is still suffering as he has a stone still in his body, and Li bears responsibility," he told China Daily yesterday. "The government should have asked the victims' families about Li's comeback first." However, Dong Shiliang, a father in Yunnan province whose 2-year-old son became ill after drinking tainted milk, said he felt "angry and helpless" after hearing the news of Li's appointment.

While some of the perpetrators were punished with execution and other prison sentences, the Minister got a promotion! What an hypocrisy indeed! Probably Chinese must have taken a leaf out of their Indian counterparts in the bureaucracy where the highest form of punishment is just a transfer! In India we also have innumerable examples of criminals and case sheeters "adorning" the Parliament in service of people! Of course the "tortoise" paced justice system helps them to perpetuate such heinous acts.


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